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About the team

The team “MILLION DOTS” comes with varied experiences and lots of exposures but all connected with one single common goal i.e., never ending passion and concern for a world that is free from all forms of violence.

We have brought together all our expertise to start an organization which would empower children for a better tomorrow and thus giving birth to “Million Dots”. The tag line, “transforming million children for a better tomorrow” speaks about our vision. When we thought about bringing changes in the society the first thought which crossed our minds is to empower children and give them necessary skills to lead the nation to greater heights.

The famous quote by Mahatma "If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against evils, we shall have to begin with the children”

We believe children are the “change agents”, they have enormous potential to change the world, provided the energy is driven in the right direction. We do not want any children to be deprived of their development due to financial, physical or emotional constraints. Every child deserves a happy childhood.

Children from whatever background they come from, their fullest potential should be utilized for the nation’s development and a nation that is free from all forms of violence.


Transforming children to build the future we wish to see. The future which is free from all forms of violence and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.


Mission of Million Dots is to empower children, with better health, better education, and better living conditions with special emphasis on peace building,emotional well-being and child safety.

Sujitha s
Founder of Million Dots

Sujitha has 10 years of experience in development sector. She started her career as Educator at SEBS Foundation, where she taught tribal children who were first generation learners. Since, then she has worked for several welfare projects. Being an UPSC aspirant, her knowledge about the political system and about the society helps her undertake any welfare activity and execute it with ease. She ensures, any request that reaches our organisation are addressed with utmost care and affection.

Below is her 2020 work profile:

31 Medical emergencies/Fund raising Facilitated (2020)

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40+children Sponsored for their education fee and supplements(2020).

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Fighting for Salt pan workers rights

Advocating for their salt workers rights to have better working conditions. Empowering salt workers, Helping them with alternate employment during lean season, Helping their children with their educational needs.

Advocating for more women representation in politics.

Helping women candidates to get more visibility. Advocating and motivating more women to enter into politics also helping them gain relevant skills.

Mental health modules in school curriculum

Sujitha is advocating to include Mental health modules in schools. Training the heart is equally essential as we train the mind.

Facilitated groceries for 4500 (Worth 16+ lakhs) families during lockdown

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