Happy,Progressive and Secure childhood is perhaps the most fortunate gift in life,Let's try to give our children the life they deserve.

Each one hold one

Empower a child by sponsoring for his/her one year academics.

Me the change

Inculcating best leadership qualities in children.

Say peace

We help teachers teach the concept of Peace, Compassion and Gratitude among school children.

Why do we need to empower children.

As simple as that, empowering children is the only way to go. Better tomorrow is only possible by better children.

We know children are the future of our nation, we also know one third of our country’s children population are exposed to hazards of poverty, exploitation, and disease.

A little drop of water makes a mighty ocean any little help we do to our children today can have a big impact in our nation's development..

Who’s going to take the responsibility to bridge the gap between the future’s need and bringing these children to main stream?

Its "ME" “I am going to empower a child”

I’ve decided to transform every children I come across. What about you? Here are ways you can be a change maker too